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Innovative Sprouting Business Card

From time to time I mention this blog when I’m out among friends. So naturally, I went to make a business card to pass out so they’ll remember what to type into their browser after our drunken conversations. But just how do you get an innovative message across in a business card?

After searching far and wide, I found a few unique designs that were noteworthy. Yet one stuck out as being the most memorable. Designer Jamie Wieck created an innovative card that will really grow on the people you hand them to. Literally.

It’s essentially a small seed pack filled with alfalfa sprouts. You dip it in water and a few days later, viola!, it’s a small plant. As it’s sitting there in water you can be sure that the people I handed them out to will remember to type in the URL that’s printed on it.

That just goes to show you, simplicity with a dash of creativity can push even the oldest of traditions up out of the daisies.

Blooming Business Card, Just Add Water

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