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Artificial Intelligence Rating Girls

College students build one of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence and what do they do with it? Have it rank how hot girls are. Typical, right?

An Israeli team of computer scientists have designed a system that can actually make aesthetic judgments. It started with a research group that was formed on campus. Thirty people were told to rate girl’s faces on a scale from 1-7. The pictures were then scanned and mapped mathematically.

Results of that scan revealed that out of all of the girls rated there was a pattern for facial features we humanoids consider “hot.” Those features consisted of things like averages, symmetry, color proportions and smoothness.

Our judgments about what a good looking girl looks like is based on sentiment and abstract considerations.  Needless to say, this is a pretty big step for a computer. It learned to identify beauty by observing human perceptions based on processing some data.  After it ran it’s due course the computer came up with answers that were shockingly similar to the research study.

They say that the machine is still having some trouble with men. If you ask me, a guys attractiveness has always been as simple as one variable: income. Good thing those computer scientists are in for some big bucks after this invention.

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