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 DNA Paternity Testing Kit

It sits there, that harmless new kit at your corner drugstore, the paternity test will set you back $30. You buy it, swab some samples from yourself, your kid and your significant other. Maybe you bought it because you needed a random health screening or a way to settle a legal dispute? So you follow the instructions and send it out in the mail along with additional lab fees. A short while later you receive a definitive answer as to who little Johnny’s real dad is.

The reason so many fathers will be speechless when they receive the results is because they’ll then look down at the child they’ve loved and raised.  Realization will slowly sink in that his child is not biologically his own. A staggering 1 in every 25 tests proves that these men who have given their lives to their family have been cuckolded.

Identigene is the company responsible for manufacturing and placing the product on the shelves. The original fees paid to receive the results do not include legal documentation, such as divorce, custody, child support, inheritance, or other legal cases.

On a side note, I always found it interesting that in ancient times (notably with the pharaohs of Egypt)  the kings would usually have to marry their sister. That way the family knows that at minimum 50% of the bloodline is still in tact. That was to hedge against some other handsome suitor slipping one pass the goalie on the kings watch.

I guess human behavior hasn’t change much. At least now we’ll have an affordable means to apply these simple scientific concepts. It will radically change the way we think about childbirth, paternity and modern sociology.

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