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Several studies have revealed that Trees could help you cut down your energy costs. Well yes, thats the truth. We all know how important trees are to sustain the natural environment. Consider the fact that tree is a heaven if you are in a tiringly sunny place. Standing under the tree and sipping cola under a cruel sun. Tree no doubt helps beating the heat and have been traditionally and historically a place for foot-travelers to rest under brutal sweat.

A study shows that mature trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air-conditioning needs by 30 percent and heating needs by 20 percent. Another study shows that planting one young tree on the west side of your home can cut energy costs by 3 percent within five years, and nearly 12 percent within 15 years. So look out for your west side. See if you can clear up some space for planting a tree and saving on energy.

Check out this Tree Benefit Calculator that tells you how beneficial a tree will be planted in your yard.

But the question is it takes some time for the trees to mature so your best bet will be to plant those trees that grow faster. Generally deciduous trees will do more good. Trees that offer shade like maples etc but since it mostly depends on the climate you live in, may be it will be better if you consult an arborist regarding that.

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