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Can you think of a family that do not use TV, Electric Heater, Air conditioning, Games, Iron, dish, network, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave and so on and so forth? I cant! Well but what do you do if you cant refrain from using the stuff but still infuriate every time you receive your energy bill? Ok, so here are some quick actions you could try:

Keep your windows and doors closed for maximum time so you block the sun and hence do not let the heat trap in.

Try box fan that draws cool air through the house at 79 deg. At night let a fan blow on you. Or in your room.

Try Cooking quick meals and cook more than just one. For next meal, you could actually just warm it up. Desist oven as much as you can.

Use vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce etc. that require no cooking.

Wash dishes by hand as much as you can. Use dishwasher as less as you can.

This is just Take 5 for today. Sadly, there is no magic that could cut your energy bills, its through our patience and resilience that could make us feel better the next time when that bloody bill falls in our mailbox.

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