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No Solar Energy even in Sun
October 3rd, 2009
States like Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas don't use more Solar Energy even when its sunny most of the year. Why are these states not banking upon such a great and free resource is the most logical question at this moment.

As for anything, a major role played here is that of economics. Solar Energy set up involves just too much costs for the landlords who prefer to buy the conventional stuff at a much cheaper rate. Also, Arizona and Texas are among the poorest states in the US which means that set up cost means a lot.

Other than just the cost, one of Texas largest industries is oil. So, more emphasis is obviously on oil than on Solar energy. Irrespective of the fact that Solar Energy my be a better cleaner way to produce electricity. The first initiative has to be from the citizens' side wherein we as honest and sincere citizens have to find out our own ways of cutting down on the fossil fuel energy resources. Until that is done, solar energy have been and shall remain unused. Government, obviously, plays an important role and that is not to be mentioned. However an initiative from the citizen only can make a government do what is best in the long term benefit of the nation. It is only by government that "green companies" can actually flourish and a mass implementation of green tactics is possible.

Green energies like solar, wind, and geothermal will always be small because they are not well represented in politics. The Obama government, however, has certain initiatives laid out and we hope that they are well followed and would really like to see them succeed.

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