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There are more than 2 energy sources in Texas as per common perception. Most people would generally believe that Natural Gas and Coal are the only energy sources. Some smart people may however add Wind and Nuclear Energy too. However there are more energy sources in Texas than these four. As far as I could research, I was able to get the data for 2006. Here are some details:

* Natural Gas: 49.0%
* Coal: 36.5%
* Nuclear: 10.3%
* All Other Renewable Energy Sources: 2.0% (like biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave action and tidal action.)
* Other Gases: 1.2% (manufactured gas, coke-oven gas, blast-furnace gas and refinery gas.)
* Petroleum: 0.4%
* Hydroelectric: 0.2%

Hydroelectric is supposed to be the cheapest of all and proves to be mor efficient and green than anything else.

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