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Many people are worried about getting power during the first day of the application. This is generally a hassle for those who move to a new house. At this point a major concern is to look for a Texas Energy provider that shall turn power on the day of application.

Under normal circumstances (as is generally observed) it is at least in a week that you could get someone out. So you need to be careful and plan ahead well in advance because the whole process takes time. Within a week is the best that it could go. It may also depend on your priority - is it money or is it haste of getting it. The problem here is that if you contract with an energy provider that would turn on the power very first day, you need to make sure if the energy rates are competitive to other energy suppliers. You dont want to contract with someone on a long term just because you want the power that very day. so most people would still prefer a cheaper contract / better energy rates.

It appears that since American Electric Power or AEP is responsible for turning the power on, it naturally should take some time for the process. There is a lot of information with AEP for the areas they serve. You may also want to check them out before finalizing your Electric provider in Texas.

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