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Energy rates reduction by Bounce Energy, a Texas electric company is the hottest news in the energy sector right now. And why not, it seems to offer so much to its consumers as incentives that I am sure they must be swarmed with new customers (not to mention tying up the old ones more firmly). This is believed to be the 7th time in 9 months and the reduction is as low as 8% this time. I believe such incentives are the need of the hour when every customer is asking for more. In their pursuit of offering value in terms of various marketing initiatives and product development, a point comes when the companies are not left with much to innovate. At this point, most of the companies would be running almost the same services at almost equal price that it becomes quite difficult for the customer to understand which one is better and signing up with one is as good as signing up with anyone else.

However, companies like Bounce Energy hit the shot with an immediate incentive program and a fixed plan that not only gives its customers extra value but also ensure a relationship of a few months. I think as the competition in the energy sector of Texas grow further, it will become more difficult for the companies to stand out from the crowd.

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