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The energy department reveals the average US home spending on electricity / energy to be about $2000 per year. The break up of this cost could well be analyzed by the following:
Heating & Cooling: 50%
Water Heating: 25%
Appliances and Home electronics: 20%
Lighting: 15%

Since the energy costs are on a rise and the dynamics attached to this market is not in control of a common home, the best one can do is to cut down energy costs by taking a bit more precautionary approach towards the use of the energy utilizing items. One of the best ways to do that is to switch to energy saving appliances and get rid of the old technology which are not as energy efficient as the new ones. Look out for energy star-labeled models. Also, switching off the appliances, lights, computers, TV and other gadgets, when not in use is a great idea to restrict your energy bills.

Though the government makes every effort on a large scale to provide efficient energy, it ultimately comes down to consumers who need to pay the bill for what they use. The energy costs for your home can only cut down if YOU want them to. When you use energy it passes a load to the electricity Grid which the authorities have to maintain as per the consumers demand in order to offer non-stop electricity and to better manage the grid from falling off. For this maintenance, the energy department needs new technology always which comes at a cost. This cost is ultimately passed over to the consumers. So when you are wasting energy or using it excessively, you are not only increasing your energy bills but are also contributing towards higher energy rates. So, during the next wave, the rates will go high which in turn would increase your overall bills even further.

As in my previous post, the trees help you cutting down the energy costs too. Try doing it this year.

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