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Every Texas Energy Company has big claims on the kind of customer service they provide. But if you do have some time, I will suggest that you browse the net for a bit of information and you will get a lot of comments, reviews and posts / news item about how people are just too frustrated with the companies' customer service. When the price for energy is so high and cutting the electricity bills become just too difficult, it entirely comes down to customer service of our provider that shall keep our relationship intact.

Whether these companies are monitoring the social media platforms is really not known because I have hardly seen any comment by a company representative over a customer grievance. Recently, I came across a customer's frustration over Green Mountain Energy (one of the Energy providers in Texas). This guy complained about the company's customer service about 4 days ago. Obviously, he must have posted on the internet only after losing it to the company. But there was no comment by a company representative.

In the present era when social media has become a part and way of our lives, how could a business not attend to it. Infact, there are many businesses who have built themselves recently just because they came to know of their customer's demands, behavior, likings through social media channels on the internet.

This is a request and suggestion to all Texas Energy Companies to start monitoring their reputation on the internet if they haven't already done so. For the benefit of their business and satisfaction of their customers.

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