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Android OS robotThe Android operating system is getting a life-sized mascot – and yep, you guessed it, it’s the little green robot in the logo. An impressively realistic one at that, which can control its own operating system.

Android is already implemented in a wide variety of devices, such as cell phones and small computers, but this new feature takes the cake as the coolest of them all. Named the “RIC Android”, the green bot was unveiled in late September at the Google Developer Day 2010 in Tokyo. The companies responsible for its creation are Japan’s RT Corporation and Brilliant Service, who collaborated to install the robot with an Armadillo 500FX board, while the RIC Android itself can be remotely operated by a Wi Fi Android device. RT Corp worked more on the exterior design of RIC, while Brilliant Service made sure the software lived up to its name. The entire process only took two months to be completed, which is a testament to the hard work they put in, and the adaptability of the operating system.

The hardware was easily assimilated in the open source nature of the system, and with this mechanism the Android was able to walk around, move its arms, turn in various directions, and best of all – it can open up its head to show people its Android on-board controller. You know, just in case someone forgot which company we’re talking about.

Besides looking cute, the RID Android will in the future be able to perform many of the tasks that the phones and laptops can do. It can store or gather information for a certain professional to use, or it can take photos and record videos for entertainment purposes. It would also be neat to be able to program it to go to distant places and record that information on its own.

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