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Honda ASIMO humanoid robotMany of the modern day robots owe their inspiration and basic design to Honda’s ASIMO, the humanoid bot which marked his 10 year anniversary on October 31st, Halloween night. Unlike Frankenstein, this inanimate creation that was powered to life a decade ago has gone on to be a guiding light for success in its entire field. Work was first started on ASIMO 25 years ago, and the finished prototype took almost 15 years of extensive research to complete.

At the celebration, Honda treated guests with short films and new smart phone applications that retold the journey of their special robot, which was more of a history lesson than anything too tech-heavy. It highlighted some of ASIMO’s proudest moments, which included meeting world leaders and visiting places like the European Parliament, as well as touring countless of science museums around the world ,and educating children about science and engineering. When it comes to robot celebrities, they don’t get more famous than ASIMO.

Watch ASIMO conduct he Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

There was still talk of future projects, however, as Honda said that their new goal in further robotic research will be developing artificial intelligence and strengthening the bond between humans and robots. There are many innovations and new concepts popping up all the time that help improve the physical qualities of robotic humanoids like ASIMO, but A.I research is still waiting for its “one giant leap for robots” moment. As Honda stressed, the goal for this new movement will be to make robots better helpers for humans, as increasing their intelligence will increase the ways in which they can help us too. How successful they will be in their new endeavors remains to be seen, but as ASIMO is has yet to be truly surpassed for over ten years now, the ball is in their court.


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