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Meade ETX90EC Telescope Review
February 23rd, 2012

Meade ETX90EC Telescope

The Meade ETX90EC Telescope with electronic controller is a great affordable priced telescope. The astronomy telescope itself is very portable, which is a great positive since it was designed to be used out in the field. It is very light weight, weighing in at only eight pounds. It is also very small to carry, it is only 15 inches tall. It is perfect to use if you are traveling or to keep on hand for a moment that you see something you need to check out. It has amazing optics with a high-res design, which is microprocessor controlled. The telescope is cordless, functioning off of batteries. The push button electric hand controller is a great feature that people love to use.

The telescope is said to be a great buy for beginning and amateur astronomers. If you have only looked through cheap telescopes, or never looked through one before, you are sure to be pleased. Even people brand new to astronomy were able to see the rings of Saturn clearly through this telescope, some people have also easily seen Jupiter and it’s moons. The set-up and operation of the scope is easy to do, especially for beginners who are unsure what to do. Many people feel that you do need to buy a tripod with it to keep it steady as you are looking at the sky. Once you become more familiar with the telescope, there are additional pieces that you can buy to upgrade the telescope. It comes with just the basics, but for a beginning astronomer, the basics is all they need.

The bottom line is that the Meade ETX90EC telescope with electronic controller is a great buy on a telescope. It has all of the features that someone who is not a professional astronomer needs. Because of it’s ease of use and it’s portability, it should be one of the top telescopes that people choose to buy. This telescope is said to outperform any other telescopes in it’s price range. If you are new to astronomy, you should be sure to try this telescope out, you will not be disappointed.

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